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Ignite Learning is committed to serving students, families and schools with K-12 and Early College options.


Who we are

Ignite Education is an Online Program Management company who works closely with Colleges/Universities, High Schools, Middle Schools and K-12 Homeschool families. Through partnerships we help educational entities develop and offer mastery based options, while providing significant student support and increased enrollment. Ignite believes that students succeed when they have the right tools and resources to excel.

What we offer

Family homeschool

Homeschool Curriculum

We provide an extensive online catalog of engaging, mastery-based courses for students in grades K-12. In addition to core curriculum, Ignite offers a wide range of tech electives on topics that students love including Adobe Creative Cloud Digital Art and Video Production, 2D/3D Animation, 3D Printing, Game Design, Minecraft STEAM Foundations, and more!


Early College

Gain access to a world of early college options, empowering students to shape their own futures. Our program grants students access to early college options, enabling them to earn valuable college credits and certificates while still in high school. Unlock new pathways and expand horizons with the invaluable advantages of early college.

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Mastery-Based Learning

Our mastery-based approach empowers students to take ownership of their learning. It creates low-risk environments that build confidence and improve grades. By emphasizing mastery, we promote long-term retention, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Personalized feedback and continuous assessment ensure each student reaches their full potential.

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Enrollment Growth

Partnering with Ignite Learning opens doors to new education options for schools and their students, leading to increased enrollments. Our collaborative approach and diverse offerings attract a wider range of students, resulting in a substantial growth for your institution. Join forces with us and witness the positive impact on your school's growth and success.

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Affordable LMS

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches! Our fully customizable platform is designed for seamless learning. With its user-friendly interface, navigating the platform is a breeze. Students experience a truly personalized journey where their unique needs are met through tailored instruction, customized learning paths, and individualized support options.

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Adjust To Your Needs

Ignite works closely with schools to create programs based on their needs. Options include:

  • 100% online
  • Hybrid (online / on campus)
  • K-12 Curriculum
  • Use your teacher or use ours

No matter what you are trying to accomplish; Ignite can help build a program that works for you.

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